Laboratory of Neural Circuits & Behavior

Laboratory of Neural Circuits & Behavior

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4-29-2022 Looking for a research assistant to join us to identify and characterize previously unknown components of the neural network that mediate food intake. The general goals of this project are to examine the molecular, anatomical and functional distinctions of neuronal subpopulations in subcortical and hindbrain feeding centers, and to delineate the connectivity and activity of identifiable networks.

In brief, our projects aim to: 1) define distinctions in input-output connectivity of feeding circuits using conditional viral tracing, rabies virus and genetic fate-mapping, 2) determine the role of feeding circuits in food intake through optogenetic and chemogenetic manipulation of discrete neuronal subpopulations, 3) examine the activity profile of neural ensembles in freely moving mice during food intake using deep-brain imaging.

Principal Responsibilities: 

Develop and utilize viral/genetic mapping, neural manipulation, imaging and behavioral assays to characterize neural networks that control food intake.

Preferred Qualifications:

B.S./B.A. in Neuroscience, Molecular Biology, Physiology or the equivalent. Seeking a candidate with a strong desire to develop an independent research project. Experience with molecular biology, anatomy/histology, electrophysiology, imaging, mouse genetics, and/or mouse behavioral analysis is considered valuable, but not essential.

Please send CV and names of 3 references to chenlaboratory (at) gmail (dot) com